Why every time someone complain about a real issue someone pops out corner with the “not all of us” argument? Well duh not all of you do this but a large amount of you do, and honestly the ones who don’t do this said thing within a group don’t check the ones within their group who are doing something harmful. So let’s not silence people who are complaining about a real issue because you personally feel attacked. It’s not about you.

It's not all black men


I know tons of women who are wanted by black men, so why make a general statement that black men don’t want black women, just because it happened to you doesn’t mean it happens to the others. You can’t force anyone to love/like you. Why not try dating other types of men, black…

Why do people keep trying to act like this doesn’t exist. Of course not all black men do it, but a large amount do and it’s an issue that needs to be handled. Stop silencing us with the “not all” argument.